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The 3rd China Gold will be held in July 2018

Hosted by China Gold Association and World Gold Council, the 3rd China Gold Congress and Expo will be held on July 24-26, 2018 in China National Convention Center. China Gold officially gets the support from the relevant China and foreign government and industrial institution. 
As the only national gold and precious metals event, China Gold covers the entire mineral value chain under the streams of Gold Mining, Gold Investment Market and Gold Consumption. That includes gold mining, smelting and processing, market trend forecasting for gold investment, gold consumer products, particularly jewelry design and technology. China Gold is committed to continually promoting the international cooperation and rapid growth of the Chinese gold industry.
The first and second China Gold Congress and Expo was held in 2014 and 2016 in Beijing International Convention Center. There were more than 2000 delegates, 50 exhibitors from 20 countries joined the Congress during each event. Participants include high government representatives, leading gold mining companies, industrial experts, and industrial players. China Gold Congress and Expo is recognized as the one of the most important gathering of the industry in the world. In China Gold 2016 particularly, Jim Rogers, Investment Expert and Author, delivered the keynote speech titled How I See the World Today and What I Am Doing About It, identifying the importance of Gold form the worldwide perspective.
As the largest precious metal Event in China, China Gold is the premier display platform for gold in the country. In addition to performing this function, the exhibition is the platform for showcasing gold industry trends and promoting investment and trading in gold. China Gold Congress and Expo, the Chinese platform of the global gold industry and global stage for China's gold industry, welcomes you to China Gold Congress and Expo.
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