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The 2nd China Gold Will Open in Three Months

Hosted by China Gold Association and World Gold Council, the 2nd China Gold Congress and Expo will be held on July 26-28, 2016 in Beijing China.

For the last ten years, China’s gold industry has dramatic development in the whole value chain, such as exploration, mining, smelting, designing, production, consumption and investment. China is one of the largest consumers and producers of gold in the world.

With China’s currency hold a 10.9 percent weighting in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket, China Central bank’s continuous increase on Gold reserves, the expectation on the future growth and the anti- terrorism attacks worldwide, all these make Gold prominent in the business development. China factor is also the big strength of gold in the investment and end-users market.

Varies of communications of gold industry of China and abroad have been enhanced. With more impact on the world gold industry, China is the active strength to promote the healthy development of the industry and market, especially with the leading force of production, consumption, producing and imports & exports. China Gold Congress is committed to continually promoting the international cooperation and rapid growth of the Chinese gold industry.

More than 2000 representatives from exploration and mining sector, smelting and technology service providers, investment banks and institutions, commodities & futures exchanges and brokers, internationally renowned jewelry companies, and consulting firms will also be present. This rich array of participants ensures that our upcoming event providing the best full-service gold industry platform for mutually beneficial cooperation in the gold industry. Chinese top five gold producers, two gold exchanges and main investment banks, ten well-known gold consumption brands, and investment organizations will also exhibit at China Gold.

China Gold will be the annual gathering and delivering center of China gold industry and market information. China Gold Congress and Expo welcomes you to share the Chinese platform of the global gold stage.

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