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China Gold Congress and Expo 2020
Due to the severe conditions caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), China Gold Congress and Expo Organizing Committee has decided to postpone China Gold 2020, with the exact date to be announced in the future stage. Many thanks in advance for your support and participation.

For the last ten years, China’s gold industry has dramatic development in the whole value chain, such as exploration, mining, smelting, designing, production, consumption and investment. China is one of the largest consumers and producers of gold in the world. For eight years China has been the largest gold producer, and since 2013 China is ranking the largest gold consumer. China also keeps the second largest gold reserves worldwide. China’s gold mining industry plays an indispensable global role. With the further development of Chinese economy and consumption increase in the domestic demand for gold, China will certainly emerge as the most active investment and consumer market guiding the future direction of the gold mining industry.

Varies of communications of gold industry of China and abroad have been enhanced. With more impact on the world gold industry, China is the active strength to promote the healthy development of the industry and market, especially with the leading force of production, consumption, producing and imports & exports. With the integration of globe economy, the development of the world's gold industry cannot be separated from China, and China also cannot be apart from the international communication and cooperation. China gold industry if willing to cooperate and therefore promote the harmonious, healthy and sustainable development with the world gold industry, especially on Resources Development, Technology Innovation, Safety and Environmental Protection, Equipment Appliance, Gold Market.

China Gold Congress and Expo consists of three streams, Gold Mining, Gold Investment Market and Gold Consumption. The activities of China Gold cover the entire mineral value chain. That includes gold mining, smelting and processing, market trend forecasting for gold investment, gold consumer products, particularly jewelry design and technology. China Gold is committed to continually promoting the international cooperation and rapid growth of the Chinese gold industry.

Representatives from investment banks and institutions, commodities and futures exchanges and brokers, internationally renowned jewelry companies, and consulting firms will also be present. This rich array of participants ensures that our upcoming event providing the best full-service gold industry platform for mutually beneficial cooperation in the gold industry. Chinese top four gold producers, two gold exchanges and main investment banks, ten well-known gold consumption brands, and investment organizations will also exhibit at China Gold. China Gold will be the biennial gathering and delivering center of China gold industry and market information.

As the largest precious metal Event in China, China Gold is the premier display platform for gold in the country. In addition to performing this function, the exhibition is the platform for showcasing gold industry trends and promoting investment and trading in gold. China Gold Congress and Expo, the Chinese platform of the global gold industry and global stage for China's gold industry, welcomes you to China Gold Congress and Expo.

Event Information

Time:Postponed subject to further notice.
Venue:China National Convention Center
Address:No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100105 China

    Host Organizers

    Invited National Government Departments

National Development and Reform Commission, China
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China
Ministry of Natural Resources, China
Ministry of Emergency Management, China
People's Bank of China
State-owned Assets Supervision Administration Commission of the State Council

    Invited Official Supporters

China Mining Association
Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation
Undersecretariat of Mining of Mexico
Canadian Embassy in China
Mongolian Embassy in China
Australian Embassy in China
South African Embassy in China

    Cooperation Partners

Union of Gold Producers of Russia

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy ...

Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

The Southern African Institute of Mining ...

Singapore Bullion Market Association

International Cyanide Management Institute

Hong Kong International Gold Association
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CONGRESS OVERVIEW - China Gold Congress and Expo
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The China Gold Congress and Expo is committed to creating a Chinese platform for the global gold industry. This platform takes "All About The Gold" as its main unifying theme. The platform consists of three main sections: gold mining, gold investment, and gold consumption. The conference will provide in-depth analysis of the changes in the international economy and global gold industry trends, put forward a Chinese perspective on the worldwide mining, processing and sale of gold, and disseminates vital information about and facilitates communication over industry-wide issues. The latter include mineral exploitation, mining and smelting, processing, the fabrication and sale of gold jewelry, and trends in gold investment and trading. The China Gold Congress and Expo will address all these issues from a global perspective.

Congress Highlights
  • All About the Gold, the comprehensively integrated gold industry value chain.
  • Analysis of industry trends and hot spots
  • Broad participation of the top 10 Gold-producing countries
  • Display and interaction of the world's top 50 gold producers
  • Analysis of causes underlying gold price fluctuations from a global perspective
  • Chinese factors leading the development of the gold industry
  • Authoritative interpretation of gold as a commodity, as well as its investment and monetary attributes.
  • Comprehensive review of gold investment and gold consumer trends

Delegate Price
CNY3,800 / USD550 per person (Early bird rate, Register & Pay before May 31)
CNY5,200 / USD750 per person (Full rate after June 1)

Delegate Package includes: Conference Materials & Catalogue, Permission to Conferences & Trade Show Area, Coffee Breaks and Luncheons.

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